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About Rangefinder

What Is Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is something used by the observer to measure the distance between himself and the target. These devices are very accurate and precise. A rangefinder’s main use is to help the hunter shoot accurately at a greater distance. Aiming using the rangefinder eliminates the complexity of lining up the shot. But now rangefinders are handy innovative devices manufactured to help golfers and archers to achieve greater accuracy. There are tons of high-quality rangefinders being developed. They offer great benefits for hunting, golf, archery,outdoors sports and surveying. 

Who Uses Rangefinders?
Hunters use rangefinders to calculate the distance between themselves and the prey. For a hunter to make an instant kill, he needs to determine the distance and tune his rifle accordingly. For more accuracy, the hunter pairs the rangefinder with a riflescope 
Before a golfer decides on the best action to take, he must take several conditions into account. Here is where a rangefinder comes into play. A golfer uses a range finder to measure distance between him and the hole. Most golfers use the GPS range finder as it provides more useful information than a laser rangefinder.

How Do Laser Rangefinders Work?
A laser rangefinder bounces a laser beam off the target while just a press of a button. An internal clock then measures the time it takes for the beam to reach the target and back, and finally calculates the distance to within more than a yard or less. The laser range finder then displays the range on an internal LCD display.